How to raise money

Stewart's workshops have a tendency to have an element of surprise. If you think you'll just sit down and listen to what he has to say, think again.

"Do you want to play a game?" asks Stewart.

Nine people. Three are given a piece of paper. They are investors. The others will pitch by turns. 

"You've got 30 seconds to convice these three investors to invest in your idea."

The pitch takes a maximum of 30 seconds and the answers to the investors' questions as well. 

By the end, the group gets together and tells the pitcher what went well and what can be improved. Stewart's then tells them about what they can do better when pitching:

- 80% is  how you say it (think body language)
- personalize your story because no one can argue with it
- do your homework and know who you're pitching to 

To succeed in pitching you must answer the following questions right:

- why this idea?
- why now?
- Why you and your team? 

All of this was covered in less than an hour and we can't wait for next Monday's workshop! We're looking forward to see you here :)


Christina Kronback