Revolutionising Africa

Eric Osiakwan is a tech entrepreneur, a Venture Capitalist and a business angel.

The internet is made by lots of networks connecting together. Eric set up the places where they connect in 32 countries in Africa. He's also busy with numerous projects related to information and communication technology (ICT) in the USA and Europe. 

Since setting up these internet exchange points (IXP), Eric has set up Chanzo Capital, a venture capital fund to take advantage of opportunities in Africa.

Most people picture Africa as a continent of war and famine, but it has one of the most advanced fintech markets in the world. "For example, over 80% of Kenyans use mobile money." says Eric.

He also sets up the Angel Fair Africa, which brings together angel investors and startups once a year in a city in Africa. Eric's main goal is to "bring investors to Africa. We will do it every year from country to country, like a dragon's dent."

Meet Eric Osiakwan on May 23rd, at 1pm, at Fábrica de Startups