Simple guide to do smart networking

Getting a personal introduction to a strategic investor or business partner means everything to an entrepreneur. Connecting and networking with other entrepreneurs can benefit you in several ways - from new perspectives that spark business growth, to new contacts and mentors to bounce ideas off.

Follow these easy steps to connect and network with fellow entrepreneurs from the ground up.

1) List everyone you know and make it grow

Think about all of the connections you already have, from college until your professional life. Then move on to the time you’ve spent as an entrepreneur. Think of all the customers with whom you’ve worked, as well as individuals you’ve met along the way.

Plus, reach out to all of your personal connections and ask them if they know anyone that could possibly be a source of advice or help you in any way. Also, don’t forget to ask if they know anyone that you could possibly help as well.

2) Have a networking strategy

Once you’ve established a list of people you know directly or through a friend at networking events or through your business, keep in touch. Make it a priority to call, send emails, add them to your social media network or even handwritten notes from time to time.

Take the initiative and organize a local meet-up event. This can grow into a larger event when your friends and close contacts also pass the word on. As a result you will gain a networking advantage, since attendees will want to meet the person behind the successful meet-up.

3) Join FabStart co-working space

Working in different environments can help spark creativity and it breaks up the regular workspace day.

Fábrica de Startups provides several benefits aside from just the networking. Here you will have the exposure, the advice and mentoring that can push your business idea to the next level. Visit us and feel inspired!

4) See and be seen

Get involved with hobbies, such as volunteer work, attend charity fund-raising events, or join professional organizations/associations that need your talents.  Also, you can attend Fábrica de Startups networking events. There is always something going on; follow us on Facebook and Twitter. In order to create the right strategic relationship, consider with whom you should connect with and why.

Finally, hone your public speaking skills and give presentations at industry association meetings or be a guest lecturer at a local high school or university. Before you know it, you’ll be the well-connected entrepreneur who has friends wherever he goes.

In today’s globalized business environment, creating value to thousands of people within our network is easier and more important than ever before.   Smart networking is one of the most powerful accelerators of success, since it can help you gain influence, broaden your expertise, and find purpose and balance. When you help others become more successful - when you make yourself indispensable to those around you - then you become truly successful.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”. – African proverb


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