Founder's Lunch | November Sound Bites

Each month Fabrica's incubated teams and one guest mentor get together to share their startup's milestones, challenges and inspiration. November's guest mentor was the one and only Kwamecorp CTO and Creative Healthy Lifestyle champion and founder, Kim Hansen.

Here are a few sound bites from our lunch with Kim:

  • Building a startup is all timing - find the right time for your product
  • Crucial marketing quesiton - What is that key tweet for your startup that helps users share with others?
  • Sales comes down to emotional triggers - they buy your brand because of you and how you do it
  • Top skill to look for when hiring: communication
  • Engagement is the key factor in having a good work environment
  • Create employees that will leave you later
  • “F%$k unicorns, we are betting on horses”
  • Typically the most flexible person in the room will have the most influence
  • ***Be humble, be confident, be flexible***