Get your 5 minutes of fame!

Today we're excited to announce the launch of our new monthly signature event - feeling the drumming momentum? - The Demo Night on Wednesday, 30th March, at 6.30pm!

This event is your 5 minutes of fame (still got 10 minutes left for the rest of your life) where you tell what you've been working on and then get 5 minutes feedback from people who'll also come up with they're working on.

The Demo Night has nothing to do with pitching, nor about raising funds. So relax, come along and meet people as smart and savvy as you.

Now, there are two kinds of people, those who come to demo and those who demo their idea. Both are more than welcome to join us!

You should come to Demo Night if you:

  • Like to keep up with the latest innovations and ideas
  • Enjoy getting involved with early stage startups
  • Have friends who are tech entrepreneurs
  • Want to meet like minded people.

You should demo your idea if you:

  • Want to know what people think
  • Believe passionately in your idea
  • Have done a lot of the development in isolation, or
  • Are interested in hearing what investors are looking for.

So here's how it works! Doors open at 6.30pm, closing out by 9pm, with the opportunity to go on for drinks and more conversation with new friends afterwards or just close out your day enjoying a drink on our roof terrace. No more than 5 demos per evening, with each being carefully selected from those that apply.

Sign up asap for your ticket or to demo your idea. The secret sauce to this event is the diverse mix of people that come along, so bring a buddy who you think will enjoy it too and let's make a launch party out of the evening with some beer and pizza too - courtesy of Fábrica, of course.

Making a long story short, you should definitely come!


Christina Kronback and Stewart Noakes