Startup Creator - the new super hero in town!

Florian and Stefan (first and third to the left on the picture) are the new super heroes in town. When you are in need of advice because you don't know what to do with your new idea for an app, they will come to your rescue.

But the usual question is, why Lisbon?

"I heard about Portugal through my exchange programme classmates and came to Lisbon to do a masters at Finance, at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. I immediately experienced everyone had the spirit and ability to create something. Actually, most people here are creating startups focused on tech products." says Florian Hubner.

During his time in Lisbon, Florian met Stefan Schneider. They both decided they wanted to help entrepreneurs to create their own startups. Thus, Startup Creator was born.

"People come to us with a great idea and many often lack the concept. We develop it (the concept), put it on paper, do the benchmark for the website or app."

How much for this?

"We don't charge anything. We don't ignore anyone. After helping them out with the first steps, then we leave it to them if they want to continue or not with the coding and development." 

The rest of the team, which you see in the picture, is based in India, where Startup Creator also is up and running.

Do you want to create your own startup? Here are Florian's advice for you:

  • Just start! - it doesn't matter if your idea is new or not. A lot of people will ask you if that idea doesn't exist already. It doesn't matter. Once you've launched a product, you will learn so much. It is all about starting.
  • Get used to hear a NO! - you need a thick skin. Just talk with any potential customer about what you have to offer. The worst thing that can happen to you is to get a no, but you have to try and try again.
  • Get your MVP (minimum viable product) first and don't crave for investors - a lot of entrepreneurs have nice pitches, excellent presentation skills, but no product. Honestly, nobody wants to invest in an idea, but an advanced product, the next Facebook. So, the entrepreneurs find themselves with no money, no product and no investor. Start with and MVP and the rest will follow.

Thank you for your wise words, Florian!


Christina Kronback