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From Standup Tragedy to Startup Comedy: How to p(l)ay the cost to be the Boss | Catarina Campino

Come learn why a tech startup invited an artist and jack of all trades to join their founding team. 

Catarina Campino, "Head of Detail" at Academia de Codigo, has done it all - executive producer, museum guide, musician, set designer, composer, personal assistant, camera-woman, art critic, dancer, artistic consultant, image editor, journalist, co-creator, literary reviewer, makeup artist, commissioner of exhibitions, event producer, promoter, choreographer, teacher, graphic designer, actress, fashion designer, documentary filmmaker, artist, and, as of recent, programmer and in-house entrepreneur.

Catarina will be discuss her path into Lisbon's startup scene and why you should never leave the playground.  Join us as we explore her fresh and invigorating perspective on entrepreneurism and life itself.