Virtual reality for entrepreneurs

Virtual reality is everywhere.

But when you ask people to think about virtual reality and the applicability of this headsets, they mostly talk about the use of VR for gaming and movies.  Besides using the medium for entertainment, there is a tremendous amount of options to use VR in your business!

In this post, we will discuss some of the possibilities where VR can help you improve your business!

Virtual Tour

Your products will come to life with a good storyline, but the image that the client creates will depend on the interpretation and the imagination of your prospect.

An example for the travel industry; A beautiful story with pictures about a Maldives holiday can’t beat the euphoric feeling when you are actually experiencing a beach day in the Maldives by watching a 360 video that is made on the beach.

And this is where Virtual Reality can be applicable. Create a holiday feeling experience for the client in a virtual reality setting. This positive experience will help convince the client easily and make them buy the product.



When you are having a stand in an exhibition, you want to attract people to see the amazing products you have to offer. A virtual reality stand will help differentiate yourself and attract attention to your stand.

If you have company activities that are not easily accessible to show to potential clients, VR can help you out. Let people travel in a 360 degrees video to the places you would like to show.  


Training your employees and keeping their knowledge up to date is extremely important, but often a costly and time-intensive activity. Trainers, participants and locations must be arranged.

Virtual Reality makes it possible for people to follow a training at the moment and the location that suits them best, in the same way as physical training. In addition, Virtual Reality makes it possible to make training more interactive by simulating situations that are unreachable in real-world training.

VR for branding

With the huge amount of different low-cost virtual reality headsets, it is not a strange idea to use this as a giveaway for your clients or business relations. Brand the headset with your logo and colours, give them away, and your company will be the brand that gave people the first glimpse of the future! 

Company video

A company video is a great way to give potential customers an impression of your business. But with a Virtual Reality movie, viewers have the opportunity to take a quick tour and walk around at your business.

Let the viewer join in the office work, introduce them to the employees, walk together through the factory or take a virtual drink with the complete team. By taking the viewers into the atmosphere and experience of your company, you will make them a participant instead of a viewer.

The written options are just a few of the many possibilities VR has. I want to challenge you to think about how VR could help you as an entrepreneur.

Rick Voll

I’m a Dutchman that is interning at Fábrica de Startups. Besides that, I’m founder of a VR marketing company named CARDBOARDS that is based in the Netherlands. We have several years of experience in helping companies to develop their innovative ideas into a VR project.