Fábrica de Startups announces partnership with Canopy.city

Today, Fábrica de Startups (Fábrica) and Canopy announce the formal partnership between the two organisations, enabling members to access shared services in Boston (USA), Lisbon (Portugal) and Exeter (UK).

From today, startups who are members of either organisation will be able to land in Lisbon (Fábrica) or Boston and Exeter (Canopy), and spend up to 10 days per year in the respective co-working spaces provided at no charge. They will also have access to pools of advisers and mentors, as well as the assistance of the co-founders and community teams in each city to enable a 'soft landing' for their visit. 

The organizations are also connected online, enabling direct collaboration between entrepreneurs in both countries regardless of location.

To enable visiting startups to gauge the market response to new ideas, regular Demo Night events are held in each city. At each event a diverse audience, representing a vibrant cross section of the local ecosystem, give interactive feedback and insights about the startup idea and in doing so help the visiting entrepreneur to gauge their Product Market fit. 

Matt Hoey, co-founder of Canopy said "The connection to Lisbon is very strong and there is a huge benefit to our members in creating a landing pad ahead of this year's Web Summit. We are already hosting several Portuguese companies at our Boston location and have had recent visits to Exeter by exciting Portuguese startups looking to internationalise and raise funds under the UK tax incentive programmes."

António Lucena de Faria, founder of Fábrica de Startups said "For many Portuguese entrepreneurs, expanding their startup to the USA and UK is an aspirational dream. With the help of Canopy we have just made that dream a little bit easier to live!"


About Fábrica de Startups S.A.: The mission of Fábrica de Startups is to help people to become successful entrepreneurs. Using our methodology e help them to identify business ideas, create teams, design their business model, find customers and launch their company. #LiveYourDreams www.fabricadestartups.com @fabricastartups


About Canopy Community Inc.: Canopy is a unique community-focused #coworking space & #socialimpact accelerator dedicated to supporting innovators, #startups, academics, artists, policy makers & #nonprofits. Foudned in 2016 in Sommerville, Massachussetts, a short distance from the campuses of Harvard University and the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, our organization brings together thought leaders from a variety of fields in an effort to cultivate an inclusive and dynamic climate of collaboration, inspiration and shared purpose www.canopy.city @CanopyCity